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OmniKos can help you pick the best people for the job and your company.

Team Players
Highly reliable at all times! You can count on our team players for getting a job done, keeping their word and meeting the deadlines as well as provide consistent work quality.
Team Leadership
Team leader with excellent communication organizational skills, empathy, creativity to create an environment where team members have clear vision and tasks to achieve their goals.
Customer Service
Outsourcing customer service is about more than solving problems and answering questions. With our 24/7 phone, chat, email and social media support, we strive to be the best and treat all of your customers like our own, reducing trouble tickets and growing customer loyalty.
Whether by phone, email, social, or even live chat on your website, our BPO agents love to sell. If you need our agents to close or process sales, or help generate appointments for your in-house sales, we would love to help you grow your business.
Live Chat
We can provide live chat agents on your website 24/7 for customer service, lead generation, sales, virtual reception or just about anything else you can think of.
Our BPO has live agents solely focused on collecting your debts and unpaid invoices with experience in various industries. Whether you need assistance with initial collections attempts or bad debt recovery, just let us know.
Lead Generation
Our call center is staffed with sales experts focused on helping businesses sell more by qualifying leads fast through telemarketing, cold calling, appointment setting and lead generation. More leads, more business.
Technical Support
We provide both tier 1 and tier 2 tech support in software and hardware in various industries (including SaaS, e-commerce and telecommunications) using various platforms, you can trust our expert team when you outsource your tech support.
Handling dispatch, especially after hours, can be quite the handful. Outsource to us and take the load off your in-house team. Whether for your moving company, security firm, repair service, and even logistics or courier service, we can help.
Order Processing
When you outsource your order taking and processing services to us, you can be sure orders are processed efficiently and accurately at all hours of the day. 24/7, 9-5, after hours, whenever you need.
Back Office Support
Save time and money by letting us handle repetitive, time consuming tasks slowing down your business. Need help with Billing? Claims processing? Transcription? We do it all!

Let Us
Help You

Whether you’re looking for back office services, sales, collections, tech support, customer support, or nearly any other BPO service you can think of, we’re confident our contact centers can help.
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Social Media
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Copyright OmniKos. All rights reserved.

Copyright OmniKos. All rights reserved.